X-7 Steel: Cangshan Cutlery Makes a Better Performing High Carbon Steel

New updated Z Series 8 inch Chef’s Knife featuring high carbon X-7 Steel.

In March of 2017 we decided we wanted to create a better high carbon steel for our kitchen knives. We wanted to be able to reach the incredible hardness of Japanese VG10 steel without any of the brittleness commonly associated with high carbon steels. In the world of knives there are always trade offs, hard steels can be sharpened to more acute angles resulting in a sharper knife, but as you increase the hardness you also raise the brittleness of the blade. This means hard steels need more maintenance to ensure they do not chip or break.

67 layer Damascus brings a beautiful, unique pattern to every blade.

High carbon steel must also be kept dry or the blade will become carbonized. While carbonization does not adversely effect the blade if the blade is not properly maintained this could lead to rusting. Many chef’s constantly dry their high carbon blades throughout the food prep process. When we started creating our own high carbon steel we wanted to address these 2 issues, stain resistance and durability.

J Series 12 inch Sashimi Knife featuring an African Blackwood handle and Walnut Wood magnetic sheath
“Our tagline at Cangshan is Beautiful Function. We believe in that, we want to create beautiful knives, but they must function perfectly. This is what drives us to keep pushing ourselves to make things better.”
Henry Liu — Owner and Chief Designer of Cangshan Cutlery

We are proud and excited to bring our high carbon 67 layer Damascus X-7 Steel to the culinary world. X-7 was our successful 7th attempt at creating a steel that was able to reach a Rockwell hardness of 61 that is also stain resistant without the same brittleness found in VG10 steel. The gorgeous Damascus pattern is a perfect match for our Japanese inspired, award winning J Series knives and our Z Series knifeline.

There are 2 tests to check the quality of the function of a knife, the Initial Cutting Performance test and the Total Card Cut test. The first test tells you how sharp your blade starts and the second test tells you how long your blade will stay sharp. Our new X-7 steel has consistently tested 30% higher than VG10 steel for the Total Card Cut test. This means our steel is more durable, stain resistant and performs better than traditional VG10.

Currently X-7 steel is only available in our 8 inch Z Series Chef’s Knife. Our goal is to update our enter J Series knifeline which currently features VG10 steel to our new X-7 steel by the end of this year.