I wrote this under a different idea for this page. I think its a decent writing. So, I will leave it here.

The beginning…

This is where most people will either fail, or give up. This is where it is the hardest; this is also a milestone in life. I struggled with the idea I now live out of my own car. I had some emotional nights, some strong nights, and even some very fun nights as well.

When a person decides to give up the “American dream” for his own dreams It’s quite a shock to the system, we are bred to grow up, go to school, and get a job. I did that. I hated that.

In December of 2015, I was let go from my job as a Network and Systems Administrator. I really enjoy the challenge of the computer, but I found it to be overwhelmingly unsatisfying. I admit… I had lost all of my vigor to job, and could see the separation coming. (Side note… this was the same year my boss took 3 summer vacations… I was ready to leave.) I had just enough money to last the rest of my lease in the overly expensive downtown apartment I was in. In February of 2016, the lease was up, and it was time to face a reality I was not ready for. There was many hours spent reading, researching, and trying to find people who have tried to live like this. There is just nothing out there for the emotional impact you will face, and reface. I feel lucky to have the friends I have. I am not sure I would have emotionally been able to start this amazing journey.

How did you get over it?

I am glad you asked. I have an overwhelming fondness for the positive. I think I was already heading to this life style. I had fought with my self over and over again about paying others bill while struggling to get myself ahead. I decided that I will not work for someone else to pay others bills. Instead, I will work and do what I have to make my own ends meet. When I started to live in my car I quickly realized it was all about looking to your resources. If that is a person you have met, or the internet, you should learn from what works and what doesn’t work. I have neglected advice and paid with time, money, and more than a share of frustration. I also had a very healthy dose of self research into YouTube, and any forums I can find. In my “travels” so far, I have met a few people who are doing the same as I am. They shared what I now call my foundation (which I will share with you all later. I promise.) I’ve also met a few people I wish I could unmeet. Those folks made this life harder for… I realized quickly we (The Vagabondish) get a bad name because of the actual homeless. These people you can usually see quickly. I bring them up because the emotion repercussions they brought to me. I have a strong need not to fall into the category of the unwated person. The person who needs a hand out. You are treated differently based on the idea if you are looking for a hand out, or if you are working. Your morale is (unfortunately) tied into how you are treated. I thought I would be impervious to the “discrimination” of the homeless because I work, I keep clean, and I am not asking for things. However, there are many people out there who do not (and maybe can not) understand what it’s like to live our lifestyle (Look up any minority group… Discrimination, it’s not a new thing). I find my self explaining why I chose to live this way to many people. Once I do, the stigma seems to melt away.

Time to get out there.

The time is not always right. The time to change is not when you break up with your fiancé. It is not when you lose a family puppy. You have to be focused on the daily tasks. The best time to get out there is when you are emotionally ready to answer the #1 question you’ll be asked, Why? When you can give your self a straight answer, you are ready. Some people try this life out on a road trip, and some (like me) dive-in like a mad man.

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