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Diverse Crwd Photo Credit: Jake Plowden

A huge thank you to Janet Burns from Forbes on the amazing write-up on the parade and the Cannabis Cultural Association.

….For members of the nonprofit, Brooklyn-based Cannabis Cultural Association (CCA) on hand at the event, fighting to improve cannabis legislation is key to creating a strong, sustainable industry that will bring our most underrepresented groups into the (profitable) fold. Co-founders Nelson Guerrero and Jake Plowden commented that the industry can only reach its goals by embracing diversity in business, and with the true strength in numbers this provides.

“A diverse…

Co-founder Nelson Guerrero signing-in guests at Electropositive. Photo Credit — Jake Plowden

Thank you for sharing your Saturday with us at the vibrant Electropositive co-work space in Brooklyn, New York. The Cannabis Cultural Association was humbled to have so many great minds with us. This was our first event outside of Manhattan, and we couldn’t have been happier. With over 150 attendees throughout the day, two panels, five discussions, and an amazing keynote speech, the Entrepreneur Empowerment Workshop was a resounding success.

Since the CCA started a little over a year ago, we’ve looked to educate our community on perspectives around cannabis that are often passed over and forgotten —…

The Cannabis Cultural Association’s inaugural Entrepreneur Empowerment Workshop will be held in Crown Heights, Brooklyn at the beautiful Electropositive space on Saturday, April 29th. The all-day event will feature a detailed workshop from 1–6pm followed by a networking party from 6–8pm with the CCA board, team and some of our speakers.

“The cannabis industry is a small business industry. We have the opportunity to keep it small and local, without it turning into what we have with the alcohol and tobacco industry. America is looking for a way to bring new and more jobs to our country,” Kristin Jordan, Executive…

Shirley Lia

In what seemed to be a positive direction for the medical marijuana industry and activists alike, there may have been suspicious handling of the bill right after it was approved by both the House and the Senate. The Military Construction and Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies Appropriations Act of 2017 was just released to the public, but with an important section left out in its language. A provision that allowed Veterans Affairs doctors to be able to discuss the benefits of medical marijuana to their patients was omitted from the bill. The amendment was passed last May in…

Cannabis culture has such a negative connotation associated with it. The stigma stems from the 1930’s. It originated from multiple rich established men whose wealth was threatened by the versatile uses of the cannabis plant. The fact that plant could be used for so many products that these men had monopoly businesses in made them sweat. In response to their money being put in jeopardy they did the unthinkable, they “educated” the people with propaganda. Harry J Anslinger, the Federal Bureau of Narcotics Commissioner during the 1930’s, essentially mixed racism with cannabis. He capitalized on the negative culture that was…

Cannabis Culture Association

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