People Treatment

I’m a moderate. Some people think this makes me not a Christian, which confuses me because nowhere in the Bible did Jesus say he was a republican. Or a democrat. Or anything else. He mostly just loved on people, and I don’t see that in either party right now.

An event happened early in my life, and it immediately showed me the three approaches you can take to people and what you think you may know about them.

I was in the sixth grade, middle school. I walked into the Library on lunch, and I heard the following words “whispered” so loudly I’m sure everyone else heard it too.


Using both my first and last name of course.

Being rural Indiana in the 90’s, it was said with conspiracy, revulsion, and horror.

My eyes naturally went straight to the table where these words were whispershouted from. I knew who exactly said it. She didn’t see me. Neither did the other two girls at the table.

One sat in silence, nothing to say on the subject.
 The other, without hesistating replied, “Shut up, I like Canterrain he is nice.”

To this day I remember who the three people were.

I remember the person who was wrong, and all to happy to spread rumors, to spread hate. She was in middle school, probably doesn’t remember any of this, probably a totally different person now and I forgive her.

I remember the person who said nothing. I thought and think highly of her. But she couldn’t and wouldn’t defend me. She was in middle school, probably afraid, or perhaps she didn’t care. She probably doesn’t remember, she is probably totally a different person now. I forgive her.

Even if she doesn’t remember, I will never ever forget the person who defended me. Not with a defense concerning the state of my sexuality. Because it didn’t matter. Not even for a second. She showed love, kindness, friendship. All that mattered to her was that I was nice.

She wasn’t saying it was ok if I was gay, or wrong if I was gay. Just that she liked the person I am, no matter what the former case was

It was my very first example of Jesus and the adulterous woman.

Jesus never threw stones, even as he said “sin no more.” And he was the only one with the right to do so. He loved her anyway.

If Jesus, who can know someone’s heart and their sins, does not throw stones, then never shall I.

In this life, we can be one of three people when faced with new information about a ‘sinner.’

We can spread the rumor.
We can stay silent.
We can say “shut up, they are nice. I love them. And so does Jesus.”

May I always choose the third. May I always remember that even if I forget the choice I make, it may stay with the person for a lifetime.