What does new CanvasFlip pricing mean to you?

As a user experience company, we keep testing usability of our own platform. We recently restructured our “pricing” section based on user testing feedback from our thousands of customers.

Why restructuring the pricing model?

CanvasFlip offers quick and remote usability tests on design prototypes. To enable best experience, CanvasFlip also offers a seamless prototyping module to upload design screens and stitch them together to create an interactive prototype. The new restructuring is focused to position CanvasFlip as usability testing solution.

CanvasFlip is a remote usability testing tool for prototypes. You can “also” create these prototypes within CanvasFlip and collaborate on your designs.

Some other questions to answer were:

  1. How many prototypes can I create in CanvasFlip?
  2. Can I test prototypes created outside of CanvasFlip?
  3. How can I recruit users in CanvasFlip?
  4. Can I test my prototypes without paying for prototyping?

Well, this restructuring addresses most of these queries. Also, let’s cover latest update in pricing and how does it help you.

1. Buy Testing Credits without Prototyping

One of major change in CanvasFlip pricing is to be able to “buy testing credits alone” — without having to pay for CanvasFlip. So for users creating less than 3 prototypes and willing to run usability tests, you can just buy testing credits and record user behavior on Free prototypes. See, we are good guys… :)

( Just Select the number of credits you need. Quick and Simple.)

2. 25 free testing credits with every new account

We want you to be able to test more and be sure that your users are able to use your prototypes very well. To help you, we have increased testing credits in free tier to 25 (instead of usual 5 credits).

Get 25 Free Testing Credits when you sign up.. :)

3. No time limit on using Testing credits

We understand that designing good experience takes time and iterations. So, we have made testing credits available forever in your account.

4. Use Testing Credits across the prototypes

You have all kinds of prototypes to test — some need a fewer testing requirements like 3–5 user reviews whereas others may require detailed review from 10–25 user reviews. Now, you can use your Testing Credits across the prototypes. We really understand you… :)

5. Full ROI on prototyping subscriptions — 5 testing credits for every user each month

In addition to 25 testing credits , you also get 5 “Free Testing Credits” for every premium account.

Final Words,

The new pricing plans are to help you create more prototype and do more user testing in Free tier and paid plans both.

So, start prototyping and validate them to save hundreds dollars!!

( Simple and cost effective plans for prototyping and user testing professionals in freelance, startup and enterprises)