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It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Photographs are one of the easiest way of communication from stone ages till date. When man had not mentally evolved enough to communicate by languages, pictures and sketching were considered to be the easiest and most common ways to get along. The oldest civilizations, such as, Egyptian Civilization, have passed on their culture by carved paintings and statues. This is an interesting fact about photos, you don’t have to learn a specific language to understand a picture or photograph; and this is the reason we have understood and studied old civilizations to a great extent, although, experts have no idea what language they used to speak. Photographs are also used for recreational purposes, to keep the memories of good old days and preserve the memories of your achievements and best moments spent together with your family, friends and fellow students at school and college.


One of the best and economic way to decorate your house and furnish your walls glamorously by using canvas prints. We, CanvasBay, represent your photo as a canvas print at very affordable and cheap rates. You can freely compare the canvas size in inches and relative pricing of the products at our webpage. You are free to choose frame size, border depth and border options (normal, mirror or blur border, etc.).

Why Choosing Our Service:

CanvasBay provides you with the world-class quality canvas with money back guarantee. Our solid Pine woodframes are 200 year UV guaranteed because we don’t compromise at the quality.


Best and non-defective material is used in making of the canvas frame, there is no edge cutting in the quality of our products. You can expect from us a museum quality canvas.

Premium Canvas:

There is no chance of using any cheap synthetic fibers or other artificial alternatives. We use one hundred percent pure cotton canvas with thickness of 340 GSM.

High Standard Printing:

Where other companies use 4 or 8 color process, CanvasBay is using 12 color process for printing that means we are capable of printing much larger range than most of the companies working in the industry.

Frame Quality:

When it is about quality of the product, it includes the quality of every single part of the product, whether it is related to printing result or material of frame. Our researchers have researched and found the best ways to achieve the best strength and the durability of the frames. As we mentioned above, museum quality frames are expecting you, all you have to do is order your quote.

Service You Describe:

You are paying for your product, and we respect gratify that you have chosen our services. Therefore, we keep our customers at full liberty how they want their canvas look. You are welcome to our online uploading program where you can move, resize and customize your image just like you want.


We are providing you with one hundred percent handmade canvas. Blinking eyes and beating hearts work on your canvas, framing your photos with love and care…

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