Elder Spotlight: Jeff Warnecke

Capital City is an Elder led church. If you’re unsure what an Elder is, what they do or why we let them lead us, take a few minutes to read our initial post in the Elder Spotlight series here. Within the Biblical model of Eldership that we follow, Elders are chosen by our congregation to help lead the church under God’s direction and provide pastoral care to those in need.

Our Elders want to make themselves available as possible to our congregation. They want to celebrate the high points of life with you and they want to guide you through the times when you feel like you’re stuck on your faith journey. If you’re going through a spiritual, physical or emotional trial, please reach out to the elders. You can find them each Sunday or by confidentially emailing them at elders@capitalcitychristian.org.

This week’s Elder Spotlight is about our elder chairman, Jeff Warnecke!

Jeff Warnecke: CapCity Elder Chairman

Jeff and his wife, Stacy, transferred their membership to Capital City in August of 1993. He has been an integral part of our church family ever since. You will recognize Jeff as one of our faithful volunteers as a guitarist in our band on Sundays. He has also been involved in our drama, Life Groups, and a variety of other activities. Jeff has a tremendous heart and is supremely talented. In 2008, Jeff retired from the foresnsics lab here in Frankfort for the State of Kentucky and is currently a tour guide at Buffalo Trace.

We asked Jeff a few questions to help you know him better:

What’s your favorite thing about Capital City?

It’s full of just awesome people.

What’s something God has been teaching you lately?

God’s Kingdom is never, ever in peril.

What’s your favorite music album or movie?

My favorite movie is “Silverado” with Kevin Kline, Danny Glover, Kevin Costner, John Cleese, Jeff Goldblum & everyone else in Hollywood. Favorite TV show is definitely Big Bang Theory.

What’s your favorite thing to do in your “free time”?

I love hiking.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?


What’s something people don’t know about you?

I married my wife, Stacy, on the Appalachian Trail.

You can find Jeff on stage some Sunday mornings or sitting with his wife Stacy — or you can email him directly at jwarnecke@capitalcitychristian.org.

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