Language Learning Center Helps Exchange Students Overcome Language Barriers
Kayla Mayes

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Learning English can be a struggle like any language someone might be unfamiliar with, but speaking a different language can be a great way to connect with other individuals. The Language Learning Center at the Babbitt Annex makes it easier for exchange students to learn English and other foreign languages.

Sarah Ruddy is an exchange student from Spain and has had to develop her English better to build on what she had already learned. [“and knew.” Don’t need it, cuz if she already learned it, then of course she already knew it. ☺ ]

“Coming from another country, I didn’t know a lot of English. I had to learn quite a bit to be able to learn at the University level here at NAU,” said Ruddy. [Always use he last name after they’ve been introduced in the story.]

Ruddy meets with others to better learn English and even [“to” don’t need it] pick up other languages. The Language Learning Center on campus has open computer lab access times where students can meet in the Babbitt Annex to practice their foreign languages.

The [“Language Learning Center” don’t need it, already established where.] open computer lab has quite a few students who attend the labs Monday thru Thursday from 4pm — 8pm, and Fridays from 11:30am — 2pm. The center has helped students overcome [“some” not needed] language barriers and [“has” not needed] helped students connect with others going through the same struggles.

Along with the [“struggles” replace with “difficulties.” Too soon to use struggles again.] language barriers may bring upon exchange students, the schooling system has some differences at the University level. [“also” not needed] After studying at NAU for almost a year, Marina Vilar, an exchange student from France, shared her thoughts on the differences of education between France and the US.

“A main difference I have noticed since being here at NAU, is the difference in tuition,” Vilar said. “It is a lot more expensive here than it is back home for me. Also the size of campuses are really different. NAU’s campus is much larger than the one I go to back home. It’s nice and convenient that there is a place I can go to here to practice my language and English, though.”

Vilar actively attends the open computer lab times during the week with many other students on campus. With the differences at the University level, Vilar has found a happy medium at the Language Learning Center. While still practicing French, she is now also learning more English and even some Spanish.

Though there may be differences in the education systems, one thing that [“has” not needed] remains consistent for these exchange students, among others, is the access they have to the Language Learning Center on campus at NAU. The center can be contacted at 928–523–3427.

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