CapchainX- Crypto Equity Tokens

Dec 1, 2017 · 2 min read

CapchainX is the world’s first Crypto Equity platform allowing companies to create, manage and trade equity on the Ethereum blockchain. CapchainX provides an end-to-end tech ICO solution.

It was established in the UK in 2016 by a group of Cambridge University and Stanford University alumni. Today, it is comprised of a multicultural team of forward thinkers in the industry. The company has presence in London, Singapore and San Francisco. It is accepting clients from all over the world. As of November 2017, CapchainX’clients circulated its tokens in the market. Elpis Investments, an AI enabled crypto asset fund, branded itself as the first equity backed ICO.

In 2018, CapchainX will help companies accelerate the launch of its token sale through the CapcahinX self-service platform. It will provide easy access to smart contracts the team has built over the past year. This platform will also include an ERC20 compatible wallet. Tokens created on its platform can now be stored, managed, and traded securely and conveniently. In addition, the company plans to roll out a next generation secondary market through a patent pending technology, allowing all Crypto Asset companies to participate in 2019.

CapchainX’ cutting edge technical solution enhances efficiency, transparency and liquidity, revolutionizing private capital markets.

What is Crypto Equity?

Crypto Equity is a method of representing company ownership on the blockchain through a process called “tokenization”. Tokens represent appropriate fundamentals. Just how fiat currency was once backed by gold, a basked of more stable currencies or reserves, Crypto Equity tokens are backed by company shares. Shares represent ownership, claim to asset, claim to revenue, compensating investors for taking on risks of the investment in case of a default. This method is sustainable fundamentally opposed to many existing tokens in circulation that do not have strong backing representations.

ERC 20 Tokens created on the Ethereum blockchain represent ownership of the company by means of a shareholder agreement. This means, each “coin” or token created on the bockchain represent ownership claim — eligibility to redeem share certificates for a token. Once share certificates are redeemed from the company, the tokens are destroyed and the token holder becomes a “shareholder”. See FAQ section why CapchainX only works on the Ethereum blockchain.

An article published by Reuters and the New York Times described a “first of it’s kind” startup that plans to start issuing equity backed tokens in 2018. We corrected this claim since Elpis Investments’ equity backed tokens are currently in circulation to date. If you would like to learn more about the team, our vision, our clients and why the Crypto Equity model is sustainable, visit our website: Feel free to reach out to us at


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The platform to create, manage and trade equity on an Ethereum blockchain

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