One Major Key to the Success you Desire

The trait nobody wants to hear about but that everybody needs to be successful.

So you say you want to be successful. Many people say they want to be successful. But few achieve the success they desire. There are many areas of life to be successful in. Some see success as losing weight, some as making money or gaining wealth, selling a product, time with family, or volunteering. Everybody wants to be successful in a variety of areas in their lives.

If you are serious about your goals, what are you doing today to go after them? Why do so many people lay unconscious in their bed after the alarm goes off? Why do so many people over eat, then feel terrible? Why do so many people quit because they face failure, hardship, challenge and difficulty? It is human nature, but it is also because of a lack of self-discipline. What is your level of self-discipline? What do you do on a daily basis to discipline yourself so you can achieve all of your dreams?

I do my best to be really healthy, but I have a hard time at a buffet. I lack self-discipline when it comes to a buffet. That’s why I try not to go very often. I want to try everything, so I load up my plate. I finish my plate, and think to myself, “I should go back and get the things I really liked and have more of them”… Then, “Since I’m here, I really should get a few desserts.” 2,800 calories later, more than what I eat in a typical day, I leave, bloated, feeling terrible and regretting all I ate. The temporary, seemingly inconvenient pain of self-discipline is never even close to the pain of regret.

Many people are like me at a buffet. They are missing some self-discipline. They know their goals, but they overeat. They don’t work out. They oversleep. They don’t work hard enough. They don’t do the right things. They do what is easy instead of what is right. They take the quick and easy path instead of the difficult but correct path. They think sales and money should just come to them while they wait with their hands out. Discipline is the bridge between where you are and where you want to be.

I challenge you to discipline yourself for the rest of this week. Only a few days left. What 2 areas in your life do you need more discipline? What could you do differently? What should you do MORE? What should you do LESS? Only for the rest of this week. Only 2 things. Maybe you need to work out and make more calls. Maybe you need to eat healthier and get up earlier. Maybe you need to prepare for the day at the beginning of the day, and set up a really good week next week. What are your 2 things that you can commit to doing for the rest of this week? take 30 seconds… write them down now… is it worth 30 seconds to you to improve your life?

I hope you take this challenge to heart. Only a few more days left of this week. Can you discipline yourself for these few days? In only 2 areas. Not every area of your life. Just choose 2. But choose 2 that are difficult and will challenge you. 2 disciplines that will make a difference if you persist and consistently discipline yourself. What are your 2? What could you accomplish in the next few months if you had more consistent discipline in your life? Success isn’t the accumulation of things, but the accumulation of discipline. I challenge you to discipline yourself the rest of this week. Be willing to discipline yourself. Be persistent. It will be difficult, but those things that are worth it typically are difficult. Without discipline, success is virtually impossible. Discipline yourself. Act now. Endure. Persevere. Succeed.

Question to ponder: What 2 things could I discipline myself on for the rest of this week? (Take 30 seconds and actually write them down). If you are really serious about them, tell somebody else about them.

Action: Do whatever it takes to discipline yourself in these 2 areas. Start right away today.

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