How Female Entrepreneurs Can Create Susceptibility For Their Brands

Capital On Stage event — Amsterdam 2015

Investors, founders, leaders… The tech community is having more and more female entrepreneurs, especially within the last 3 years. Here at Capital On Stage, we value gender equality and we aim to encourage female founders and investors by inviting them to our global events. You go ladies!

Margaret, Katherine, Sally, Nancy, and Mae. Here is the crew of Lego NASA women. They are, for sure, more than forming a toy crew. These figures represent prominent women scientists. The inspiration comes from the real-life heroines of NASA.

Photo credits: @LegoNASAWomen

As in science, the number of women in tech are growing. The successful growth of female-led companies is more visible in the last 3 years. SlideShare, Cisco, EventBrite, and Flickr are some of the perfect examples of this growth. Also, leading companies like Pepsi Co., Oracle, General Motors Co. and IBM Corp. as well as startups like Yelp, Front, Clue and TechHub are led by female CEOs.

The absolute number of companies with a female founder grew more than fivefold, from 176 in 2009 to 932 in 2016” as the TechCrunch report says. The growing number of women entrepreneurs is indeed encouraging and promising. But, we know that many women are still underrepresented or treated differently than men as investors, founders, and techies. That’s why, before checking the statistics, we should start with challenging the idea of science and math as masculine fields. Also, taking the initiative to prevent such mistreatment is quite important. In this case, men have more responsibility to support their female counterparts, by changing their mindset and also pushing others to do so, ASAP.

Founding startups, leading companies, coding and all the other perks of tech business are not only for the men’s world. As it’s mentioned above, there is a big list of companies with women entrepreneurs and leaders as CEOs, founders, CTOs as well as being successful team members in tech companies. Not only female founders but also female investors are facing the similar issue. The majority of male VCs in the private VC process is one of the topics rarely discussed when it comes to the diversity within the tech community. Why? Male VCs invest in male-led startups, which encourages the heavy presence of male-led tech startups, and later on, the growth of male-led tech companies.

In order to break this cycle, there are many initiatives to support women’s presence in tech, both as founders and investors. Organizations like Girls Who Code, TechGirlz, Sheworx, Women Techmakers, and Female Founders include women who are dedicated to supporting gender equality at workplaces. Some of these collectives also organize global events where women entrepreneurs and leaders come together to discuss certain issues and to build networks. These are great platforms where women can share their experiences to inspire young women to grow to the next level in their careers.

Here at Capital On Stage, our team values gender equality. As a global event where founders meet investors, we organize gender-balanced events supporting women entrepreneurs and investors in this field. In every event so far, we hosted many women entrepreneurs and investors. For instance, Simone Philippine of Lezay, Stefanie Turber of ComfyLight, Isabelle Ohnemus of Eyefitu and Francesca Gabetti of TeamEQ are among the female founders who joined Capital On Stage events. Also, our alumni Marta Veiga of MyNurse and Nikita Dedik of Timescenery are doing a great job as founders.

Speaking about founders, in the report of TechCrunch, it is also mentioned that “female-founded companies are weighted toward education (32 percent), e-commerce (31 percent), healthcare (21 percent) and media and entertainment (21 percent) startups”. One of them is CloudGuide, another successful company with female founders who joined Capital On Stage event in Barcelona. Founded by Olga Plets and Christina Perez Ferrer, the company provides a new visiting experience for touristic visits. CloudGuide is a perfect tool to make a trip much easier to plan, more enjoyable and memorable.

We talked about founders, but now it’s time for female investors who also joined Capital On Stage events in order to pitch to founders. Maria Wagner of Beringea, Elodie Dupuy of Insight Venture Partners, Stephanie Heller and Fatou Diagne of Bootstrap Europe, Francis Quint of InnovationQuarter were among the investors who were on stage during the event and panel discussions. It’s also nice to know that VC firms having more and more women in their teams. Francis Quint, Head of Dutch VC firm InnovationQuarter explains that over 50% of their investment team is female and that female VCs are more likely to invest in female founders.

Francis Quint — Capital On Stage Amsterdam 2015

Coming to an end, we’d like to cite a highly influential piece by Ayelet Noff, the Founder and CEO of award-winning PR Firm Blonde 2.0, and also one of the speakers at Capital On Stage Berlin event. She wrote a fantastic article on empowering female founders. According to Noff, female founders can create exposure, first, by creating an authentic message, second, by building a strong network to strengthen this message, and finally by giving their story a personal touch. Noff also gives voice to several female founders, you can continue with her article here.

Ayelet Noff — Capital On Stage Berlin 2017

“Capital On Stage have always encouraged and supported female venture capitalists, but it’s not always easy to find them and get them on the stage,” says Arjen Strijker, CEO of Capital On Stage. The number has grown over the years. In New York 2013, 20% of our participating VCs were women and in Amsterdam, we saw 35%. We aim to support and host more and more female founders and investors! Next stop: London!

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