A Little Less Conversation a Little More Communication

The countdown to Capital On Stage Berlin 2016 has begun!

At Capital On Stage we like to demystify capital, so we ask VCs what the problems are with the industry in order to help founders get that all important funding. With two weeks to go before Berlin we’re starting our Let’s Talk Berlin interviews with our VCs who are getting on stage on April 21st.

In 10 minutes with Reinier Musters Orange Growth Capital’s co-founder, we found out what he thinks the biggest problem is in the VC-Entrepreneur relationship and why he’s looking forward to getting on stage at Capital On Stage Berlin.

Having always had an interest to help entrepreneurs build great companies and loved the excitement and dynamics of trying things that haven’t been done before, becoming a VC seemed like an appropriate path for Musters, ‘it’s really about forming a partnership; one that last even when things don’t go as expected, and then going an incredible ride!’.

Reflecting on the relationship between VC’s and entrepreneurs, ‘there’s a miscommunication between VC’s and entrepreneurs; VCs want entrepreneurs to admit their concerns, be honest on what is and isn’t working. Some entrepreneurs think they need to manage their VCs … ultimately VCs want to help, want to add value. The more open you are the easier it is’

Why Capital On Stage?

‘I am always super impressed by entrepreneurs getting on stage pitching their companies to a group of investors. Think it’s good to turn the tables. Let’s be honest, great companies are scarce, as investors we need to prove our worth as well. Getting on stage is a start.

Together with my co-founder, we built (and continue to build) a VC firm, which focused on helping Fintech start-ups succeed. By focusing on a specific sector we try to be a value added partner to the entrepreneur. Our firm has the ambition to have a deep understanding of what it takes to build a successful Fintech start-up and use that knowledge to help Fintech entrepreneurs build great companies’.

Watch below for the expert panel discussion including partners from Northzone, Cottonwood Technology Fund and Danish Growth Fund at Capital On Stage Copenhagen last month.

Eager for more? Go to http://www.capitalonstage.com/en/events/berlin-2016/ to find out more about COSBER16.