StartUpdate #4: We noticed that we created an impact with what we do, this is very exciting! Bruno Ginnuth, Co-founder of CleverShuttle

We keep on ‘updating’ our StartUpdate series. We caught up with Bruno Ginnuth, one of the co-founders of CleverShuttle, the greenest and cheapest travel service in Germany. CleverShuttle takes you from door to door with clever #RideSharing, # Electromobility, and #SmartMobility.

We are 3 founders in the driver seat, says Bruno. They take all the responsibility, all the difficult tasks and problems to solve. But, at the end, celebrating all the success they have is the best part of this intense experience, for sure.

CleverShuttle grew bigger and bigger within the last 6 months. Now, they expanded to two cities while running their operation in Munich, Berlin, and Leipzig. The founders are quite happy about the impact they have created:

The first 2 years of our startup, we focused on developing our product. And, in last months, numbers started growing. Now, we are a company with thousands of customers. We noticed that we created an impact with what we do, this is very exciting!

Funding process

During their funding process, CleverShuttle team managed to have their growth KPIs which encouraged their investors to keep investing. Bruno mentions that their concept of ‘pooling’, where the capacity usage is very important, played an important role in their growth and their investment process.

We were growing about 30% in terms of numbers of rides since our launch in February last year. We started from 0 and are now close to 10.000 rides per month. We were able to proof that pooling is the capacity usage which is a very important KPI for us is growing.

The funding process was shaped by 2 rounds for CleverShuttle. Their strategic investor is Deutsche Bahn, a German railway company with a private joint-stock. They are also funded by a family office who invest into their growth. But also, being one of the attendees of the Capital On Stage event, they made meaningful connections with UnternehmerTUM and Ingo Potthof (Managing Partner). Bruno mentions that they met some other cool startups who has attended the event as well.

It was a pretty big event and in the end we had 2 one-on-ones with VCs. We really like the format of connecting founders with investors. I’d like to join the next event in Berlin.

Future plans

Bruno is quite happy with their growing team. They don’t see what they do as work, but they perceive it as something fun. Although there are not always fun events, all the ups and downs so far created a valuable experience that helps them grow a lot, as Bruno tells me.

As they’re planning to launch in 4 new cities such as Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dresden and Stuttgart, they are working on the PR and the technical development now. On the other hand, their aim for the near future is to optimize bus services and to have a SaaS, a solution to reach new markets like public transport companies.

We are working hard on the development of the IT, so addressing this new market consisting of bus operators and public transport companies is a very important task. There, we want to have the first pilot of our service by the end of the year.

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