VR stock images no one asked for but here they are.

Eugene Capon
Jul 24, 2018 · 2 min read

I present you stock images about VR that no one asked for or may actually need. Most VR stock photos are unintentionally bad. These are just okay. They all featured a white male like most stock photos of VR. These are royalty free for commercial and personal use. Available on several free and paid stock sites… or you can just rip them off from here.

Everyone was kung fu fisting.
Its over 9000. Nerd topical.
Gooaaallll! I love checkers.
I’m a tiger. Rawr.
Always lick your vive controller to save time.
Pro tip: Use a VR headset to help you drink cold beverages.
Thats better.
This tastes like pee pee.
Closer inspection.
oh well! Its my favorite flavor now.
Gravity works differently in VR, just like Rosanne Barr’s career.
I’m a Ex-Man.
Tracing an image that was on a whiteboard.
You can’t tell but I’m doing dishes.
And loading dishes.
How do you start this thing?
Forget helmets, VR goggles are much safer.

Photo credits Yao Wu.

Model Eugene Capon aka CaponDesign

 by the author.

Written by

VR Evangelist, Director/Designer, YouTuber and sometimes I make jokes. Founder ensoVerse http://youtube.com/CaponDesignTV #VR #AR #Tech #Youtube #Design

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