When we see a working system, of any kind, we may then judge if this ebullient market-speak…
Dr. A. Cannara

Dr. Cannara, thank you for making an excellent point regarding other new energy technologies being further along the technology readiness curve — especially those relying on fission and “strong” nuclear forces like those being designed by molten salt reactor developers, Thorcon, Terrestrial Energy and TerraPower.

In the LENRaries report, we posited that the 50+ LENR Makers have several significant milestones to clear before they can be viewed as one our up and coming 21st century energy technologies with the potential to make a monumental impact on averting the climate collapse. Among the hurdles are:

• Organizing and launching a sizable multi-million dollar Stephen Hawking or X-Prize challenge for the advancement of LENR technologies
• Ending the US Patent and Trademark Office’s foot-dragging in granting LENR patents
• Modernizing how policymakers in the US, EU and Japan support R&D for breakthrough energy technologies such as LENR, especially in government national labs
• Performing and disseminating an incontrovertible test of a commercial-level LENR system analogous to the discovery of radioactivity and the development of fission at the University of Chicago FERME lab
• Persuading one of the scientific and academic establishment (i.e. Oxford, Cambridge, Caltech, MIT or EPFL) on the value and necessity of conducting LENR R&D
• Persuading a major utility to conduct a pilot project with an alpha or beta LENR prototype system

What we know today is there are clear evidences of the LENR phenomenon with hundreds of peer reviewed papers supporting LENR, yet no universally accepted or established theory. Take a few minutes to c/o Dr. Michael McKubre’s summary of the discussion and debate on the origin of scientific proof for LENR it is a fascinating read ~ https://goo.gl/ISm3TS


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