Hilal Isler

Hum… something to think about I don’t have a Twitter account (never did), I don’t do ‘Pentrest’ I spelled that wrong oh well, I don’t do Instagram… I do have a Blog on Blogger, and an old not updated in years blog on WordPress and Flickr, Ipernity accounts for all my photos; and Facebook, it’s how I keep up with a family scattered in Atlanta, Chicago, Maine, and Alabama. Of the 500+ friends on Facebook, about 20 are actual family cousins, brothers, daughters, sons and grandchildren. Some of those ‘friends’ I don’t even know, when their pictures appear on my timeline and I say to myself, Who is that? I unfollow them (I probably should unfriend these strangers). I do stay in touch with actual friends on Facebook, we make plans to meet for lunch or dinner or to go for a ride together on our motorcycles. So I’ll stay on Facebook, until something better comes along. I was hopeful for Google + but it just hasn’t caught on like Facebook.

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