Why are Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW)?
Tom X Hart

Enjoyed reading you post. Was aware of the MGTOW-like linkage to historical figures and ages, but it’s enlightening to see some of the them laid out so eloquently in one fell swoop. I’ve followed the MGTOW mindset carefully since 2011 and very much enjoy their work. There are some angry bros in there, which is called ‘red pill rage’ or the inevitable rage one feels after discovering one has been severely duped, in this case by feminist inspired hyper-gynocentrism, normal tradcon inspired gynocentrism and women’s true white knight, the state.

The takeaway for me of MGTOW is, “Never give a woman or the state any legal and/or financial power over your life.” I follow that rule religiously to the extent possible and it has served me very well. Oh…the life damage I’ve escaped/avoided by simply following that one rule.

MGTOW ‘teachings’ deprogrammed my mind of the illusions and enchantments regarding female nature as well as the state’s nature. I add the state to the mix simply because both women and the state value women’s lives far more than men’s; hence the male only draft — men last in the life boats — men’s lives being sacrificed in war for the advancement of women and the state — the fact that men built all of civilization and now the state is forcing the power and wealth derived from that achievement from men to women — that women get far less harsh punishments for equal crimes — that the vast majority of state and federal spending on health, education and welfare goes to women, even though men pay the majority of taxes and always have — that the vast majority of alimony, asset division and child support flows from men to women — that the most life threatening, life shortening, most laborious jobs have always been ‘traditionally male’ — because in our post-industrial, post agricultural, ‘information society’, women are given preference over men in employment, which incidentally didn’t happen when the only available jobs were life threatening/shortening — and because women are given quotas only for the most prestigious, most powerful, most lucrative positions and not the ‘traditionally male’ jobs. MGTOW cut through the hypocrisy and double standards like a knife through butter. They really are a fascinating lot. Much wisdom to be had in their words. Mahatma Gandhi would be proud.

So you see, the MGTOW mindset cuts through all the BS one reads in books, sees in movies and TV shows, hears in music and just lay out the reality minus the gynocentrism, cultural misandry and male disposability. In other words, MGTOW is the cure for gynocentric social programming — a deadly, anti-male paradigm in which no man should live.

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