Today we as gamers celebrate #15YearsOfXbox my earliest memory is being in Asda with my parents doing the dreaded monthly shop. My brother and I stopped head at this black and green display stand. With Xbox stampted on it. Two huge original controllers. We must have stood there for good half hour till we where dragged away. I remember us playing Halo that was it. All I wanted was one.

I remember my parents saying if you want one you will need to save up. (As I just got a PS2 not long before) My brother and I joined forces for the greater good. Once we had a huge £500 budget we went to game with our Dad and bought one with Halo, Project Gotham Roacing, Blinks the time sweeper to name some.

Xbox also brought friendships together spending school summer holidays playing mulit-player split screen Halo. Also with my bother going through the campain.

Thanks @XboxUK

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Thanks Mr Gates for seeing the cap in the market.

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