Our Takeaways from WordCamp Miami 2017

The first WordCamp for us to attend and sponsor this year was WordCamp Miami, a big event with a rather long history. WordCamp Miami opened their gates last month for the ninth year. They raise the bar every year and once again, they did great! Three days of productive networking, excellent talks and speakers, an overall awesome experience!

WordCamp Miami recap

It was a weekend filled with excitement and amazing experiences. We’ve met with the other WordCamp Miami sponsors including SiteGround, Setka, BoldGrid and FlyWheel and had fun sharing sponsorship experiences. We hung out with old WordPress friends and made new ones, laying the foundation for new partnerships out of which beautiful things will emerge.

Since the digital agency environment is very active in this area, we were lucky enough to meet quite a few agencies. We took advantage and we gathered valuable insights on their specific needs and how we, as a WordPress form building solution, could bring real added value.

Apart from many experienced WordPressers, we’ve also met a bunch of WordPress beginners and it’s amazing to see how so many people with a long-time experience in totally different fields are deciding to start learning WordPress and reinvent themselves.

The WordPress 101 Beginners Course addressed topics from registration and installation to WordPress themes, plugins and troubleshooting. Christie Chirinos also had an interesting and informative talk for WordPress beginners: Beginner’s Guide To WordPress And Ecommerce.

Among the amazing talks we enjoyed and had a lot to learn from, were SEO-related talks such as Rebecca Gill’s Taking SEO Beyond the Green Dot, also Brian Rotsztein, Scott Mann, Shayla Price and Troy Dean’s talk on running an agency, Syed Balkhi’s content creation talk and many others.

Finally, we’re thankful to everyone involved in organizing yet another brilliant WordPress conference in Miami and we’re definitely looking forward to the tenth edition of the event next year!

Originally published at www.captainform.com on April 13, 2017.

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