The Song of Boryas

Chapter 1

Oh sing Lyssa of the immortal gods 
who once lived outside of time 
having left Gaea for one hundred generations of men 
returned to find the earth 
and the men that walked the earth 
changed beyond recognition

Angrily Zeus summoned 
all of the gods of Mount Olympus 
up to the craggy cliffs 
of Mount Ida and said

‘Have we been gone so long 
that so much dust and detritus 
gather around our ankles here on Ida 
dirtying our khitons

Where once heroes walked the earth, 
men made of steel and bronze, 
who would not fear death 
nor shy from inflicting death 
for glory and freedom, 
who burned fat and thigh bone at our altars, 
who feasted and warred and loved 
with passion

now insipid children toddle around, 
men who are as soft and fat as babes, 
who ask and argue for their wants, 
who fear inflicting offense to each other 
who prostrate themselves before 
prophets who teach abstaining from living and loving and passion

Where once man honored us 
with the rich smell of burning fat 
now they offend us 
with the putrescence of chemical particles

I hear Gaea groaning under their girth, 
choking from their exhalation, 
I see their swollen helplessness 
as a mockery of our forms, 
and I am enraged

I want to raise the sea, 
throw down lightning on them, 
burn every last one of them’

Hera, doe eyed and ivory complexioned, 
felt pity in her heart for man, 
and said to her husband, the all father 
‘Husband do not judge man so harshly, 
have we not left him alone 
for far too long?

Where once we 
whispered in his ear 
and made ourselves known 
and even on occasion 
celebrated the weddings 
of our favorites

For three thousand years 
we have been away 
so long that man has forgotten us 
how to honor us 
to fear us 
to be inspired by us

His ears long for our voice 
his shoulder longs for our touch 
his soul longs for our direction’

At this the group was divided, 
and much shouting was heard at the table

Athena, grey eyed and wise, 
said to the congregation 
‘Hear me out, 
I know how to resolve this 
to the satisfaction of all

Hera feels pity for man 
and wishes to once again hold sway, 
mighty Zeus feels wrath for man 
and wishes to scourge him from existence 
but there is a middle road 
where both minds can meet.

Once some of our kind had relations with man 
and created heroes 
who led man to greatness 
but man has since grown fat and soft 
from the achievements of generations past 
who had made suppliant 
the land and fauna around him

Why not re-spark a generation of heroes 
to remind man that he is made in our image 
and have these heroes 
lead man into the greatest war 
he has ever seen

A war so great and terrible 
that the earth will be freed from her burden 
put upon her by the wasteful obesity of man

a war so bloody and unforgiving 
that the tax in human life is staggering

a war so trying and brutal 
to ensure that any man that remains 
is carved from bronze and steel and stone.’

At this the all father bellowed 
‘Oho, grey eyes, 
it is clear why you are 
my favored daughter’

There was consensus 
around the table 
and so began 
the end of the current age of man.