The Top 5 Event Management Pinterest Pages You Need to Follow

Originally published by the Capterra Event Management Blog

My girlfriend is addicted to Pinterest.

She consults it for everything from decoration designs to budgeting ideas. She plans out every aspect of her life with Pinterest boards and she’s even gotten me to start using the website every now and then for dinner ideas or blog topic inspiration.

The way I see it, anyone who’s anyone in event planning and management ought to have and regularly use Pinterest for events. If you’re new to the event planning sphere or even if you’re a well established event management firm, you can always find great new event ideas on this website.

To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of the top five event management Pinterest pages you need to follow. Pages are ranked by number of followers and creativity of pins/boards.

1. Premiere Event Management

Premier Event Management is by far the most-followed event management Pinterest page, with a solid 11,000 followers.

Not only does Premier Event Management aggregate generic event management topics and issues, such as weddings and office parties, but they also get into the minute details for each one like possible hair styles, room design, and travel.

Premier primarily focuses around more personal events like weddings, rather than giant corporate or nonprofit events and conferences. Their page is also far more geared towards the aesthetics of events rather than the logistics, numbers, and hard planning of events. That said, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here.

Unique boards to check out:

2. One Events Management

One Events Management is another aesthetic-friendly event management profile that gears itself towards weddings, bridal showers, and birthday parties. However, One Events Management also seems to be driven by eccentricity, and includes a wide variety of styles, colors, and ideas on their page. They even offer henna tattoo designs, and will likely appeal to more adventurous tastes.

Unique boards to check out:

3. EventMB

Instead of focusing on aesthetics, EventMB focuses their attention on the industry of event management itself, such as new event technology, event management reports, and tips and tricks for event planning.

EventMB is essentially the “how-to” resource for event managers and that is what justifies their significant 2.5 thousand followers.

Unique boards to check out:

4. Corporate Event Interactive

I put Corporate Event Interactive at number four not for their following, but for their pins and boards. While looking through the vast numbers of event management Pinterest boards, I found most of them geared towards design ideas for weddings and other family get-togethers.

Corporate Event Interactive is different. Other than the obvious inherent in their name, CEI offers plenty of boards with different event ideas such as charitable theme events, receptions, and team building. CEI’s event ideas are creative and fun, which makes their Pinterest page an invaluable resource for anyone looking to host an event that is NOT a wedding.

Unique boards to check out:

5. Cloud 9 Event Management

What Cloud 9 lacks in a massive following in the oversaturated market for wedding/event planners on Pinterest, it makes up for in creativity. Based in Australia, Cloud 9 Event Management not only broadcasts their wedding planning expertise, but they do so in a creative way with multiple themes being represented, rather than just sticking to one overall theme.

Cloud 9’s page details tons of different themes from 1970s parties, to Moulin Rouge, and Retro Beach, all of which have their own venue recommendations, fashion suggestions, and food/catering ideas.

Even if you aren’t looking to host a wedding, the ideas are plenty on this Pinterest page.

Unique boards to check out:


There are plenty more event management boards out there and aside from the follower counts, I chose these boards based on my own subjective view . Did I leave out any awesome event management pinterest boards? Let me know in the comments below!