The Top 4 Most Popular Hotel Management Software Apps

Originally published on Capterra’s Hotel Management Blog

From on-premise to cloud computing, things are shaking up in the world of hotel property management software.

As wearable tech trends begin to revolutionize luxury and resort hotels, mobile capabilities are also making it possible for hotel staff to manage their property’s operations away from the front desk.

With the new reliance on mobile, hotel management software apps are growing in popularity with many hospitality property management and vacation rental software solutions cashing in on mobile capabilities.

But instead of simply listing popular hotel software with mobile functionality, I’ve found four hotel management apps if you wish to operate your property on your smartphone, tablet, or even smartwatch.

Let’s get started.


ALICE features both department specific apps (Staff, Guest, and Concierge) as well as an overarching suite you can use for better operating efficiency across your property. With ALICE Staff, users can expect features like internal messaging to keep in touch with staff members as well as the ability manage and assign tickets. ALICE Concierge is helpful for those at the front desk, enabling employees to integrate your PMS system to access important guest information and allowing you to track all requests within one system, including incidents, reservations, transportation services, wake up calls, and more.

What’s most exciting about this app is its Guest component, where guests can voice their needs and desires, giving them real-time status updates and notification on the progress of a particular service. Guest tracking metrics are also available on all requests and reservations.

ALICE is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Cost: Pricing information for ALICE isn’t listed publicly, but you can contact customer service for a quote here.

Nano Hotel Booking and Property Management

Erziman Asaliyev’s hotel management app is a great option for hotel managers on the go who still want to keep tabs on their property. Nano Hotel Booking accomplishes much of the same work as traditional desktop-based solutions, including a calendar that informs users of room occupancies and vacancies as well as how many rooms will be freed up in a set period of time.

Rooms undergoing construction can also be marked off. Users additionally have the option to craft seasonal prices and record each room’s appliances, such as a refrigerator, TV, or telephone.

Nano Hotel Booking and Property Management is compatible with iOS systems.

Cost: $2.99


In addition to being a booking engine, Roombler enables unlimited users to work within the app, something traditional hospitality property management usually caps. Users can drag and drop bookings for sudden reservation date changes, add multiple rooms to a single reservation, and add charges and payments to a booking.

Users can also integrate online travel sites, such as and Expedia, with more coming down the pipeline, including Airbnb. And if these features aren’t convincing enough, Roombler assures no training is necessary, hopefully meaning……………………..

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