How do you determine which problems or questions most need answering?

Our company’s support team sends out a monthly report with the top trends for questions that they’re answering. We usually try to create content that addresses these trends as they seem to impact a significant portion of our community (considering that multiple people are writing in about it).

We also create content that addresses emergent behaviors or feedback that we’ve heard directly from our community (in conversation, on social media, etc). For example, if I’ve heard from three creators in a week that didn’t know about a certain feature on our site, then maybe it’s time to do a Q&A on how other creators took advantage of it. Or at the very least, re-examine how we currently position this tool to creators.

I think my job is evenly split between listening, writing, and placing content. Be prepared to listen to your internal and external communities to figure out which questions and problems you need to address in your content. Your support team is also working with a wealth of knowledge that can make doing this fairly simple. Be friends with them. :)