Adventures in the land of the Trolls

Weekend adventures in Rauma and Møre og Romsdal included several train rides (I finally saw moose!!!), buses, sightseeing, rowing, hiking and camping in the rain.

Crossing Kylling bridge on the Rauma line train
View across the fjord from Isfjorden
The road up to Trollstigen

The views from Trollstigen are really gorgeous and it’s quite thrilling going up the narrow congested road. However, be warned: Trollstigen is massively touristy and you might be elbowing others out of the way to get your selfie in (or admire the view).

Beautiful waterfalls

Looking for a camping spot near Herjevatnet
Spot the tent!

I’ll take this opportunity to point out that during the 12hrs of nearly constant rain the tent flooded and had to be bailed out. After some adjustments to the tent and groundsheet things leaked a little less. I was feeling quite grumpy the next morning when I woke to soggy everything, grey skies and a balmy 11°C. My bad mood didn’t last too long as the sun made brief appearances and my surroundings were really gorgeous. Borrowing a row boat to explore a nearby island (and annoy some seagulls) also helped to cheer me up a bit!

Herjevatnet and Tarløysa
Free use of the row boat from DNT

Troll references: Trollstigen, Trolltindan, Trollveggen and an obligatory touristy photo of me with a troll: