Eat. Play. Code.

Weekend adventures in Bali

Rice paddies

I was on a project in Malaysia for a few weeks and needed an escape, so when I found out there was a long weekend, I made plans with some friends travelling around south east Asia and met up with them in Canggu, Bali, where they had rented a villa for a few weeks.

Often my holidays are fairly well planned and the itinerary mapped out. I didn’t have much time to do the same for this trip and I let my encounter unfold on its own.


I struggled a bit to find healthy food to eat in Kuala Lumpur with my dietary requirements, so arriving in Bali to find plenty of vegan and gluten free options was a pleasant surprise. Delicious fresh juices were also readily available.

Delicious food


From trips to the beach to lounge on beach chairs or watch the gorgeous sunset, an aromatherapy Balinese massage in a parlour, driving around on scooters and checking out local parties, all showed me a new and interesting side of Balinese life (at least as a foreigner travelling here).

Life’s a beach and then you ride

Of course, when play happens sometimes things can go a little awry. I tried riding a scooter for the first time and had a minor accident. Luckily I walked away with only a few scrapes and bruises. Shortly afterwards I realised I’d lost my bank card and drove around revisiting all the spots to look for it (to no avail). Perhaps it was the goose guarding the ATM who spirited it away.

Goose guardian


The Dojo

I’ve heard and read about digital nomads and other individuals ditching their offices to work remotely while travelling. I hadn’t really tried it myself before, so it was great to be introduced to the Dojo, a 24 hour coworking space near Echo beach in Canggu. It’s a really cool hangout with various spots for people to get some work done or chill for a bit on the couches or in the pool. They host many events (sadly none that I could attend) like introduction to Indonesian classes, movie nights and tech talks.