I Make Fun of Vegans All The Time, But I’ve Got a Good Reason…
Maggie Lalley

Thanks for the candour! I had a bit of a giggle :)

In response, there’s no such thing as being “good enough” to be vegan. I appreciate the humour in the piece and the way you’ve painted a picture of the stereotypical vegans probably rings true for many, but the reality is vegans are ordinary people — and we come in all shapes and flavours. Some are fitness and health “freaks”, others environmentalists, certainly some are zen yogis, but many are just regular folk who still like to indulge in a bit of junk food now and then. I can have every one of my favourite (healthy and unhealthy) meals in a vegan version. Vegan food is becoming more accessible and available, so I really encourage you to try vegan food for a couple of days!