Carat UK explores the most talked about Christmas ads on social

This year, the much-anticipated launch of the latest John Lewis ad wasn’t the all-consuming Christmas talking point we had expected and ethical business practices were brought to light by the banning of the Iceland campaign. This Christmas, the importance of characters in adverts came to the fore, stealing the hearts of the nation in the form of Kevin the Carrot for Aldi and ‘The Plug’ from Sainsbury’s musical extravaganza.

Brands also interacted with each other which created a lot of buzz, with Coca-Cola jumping when users commented on the disappointment they felt when the big red lorry was actually being driven by Kevin the Carrot! Finally, we saw M&S take an unusual approach by asking users to list their top Christmas food essentials using #MarksFave.

Troy James Aidoo and Vincenzo Lauro are part of the Carat UK Insights team.