Eddie Alvarez humble in defeat

By Edward Carbajal


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Photo: Edward Carbajal/Frontproof Media

Eddie Alvarez did not do as well as some fans had hoped, especially the local fans he had in New York for UFC 205. To some he did not seem phased by Conor McGregor’s usual pre fight vitriol, but McGregor fans would argue he [McGregor] was in Alvarez’s head. Alvarez hinted a lot at what went wrong the night of the event but went more into detail on social media today, congratulating McGregor and apologizing to his fans.

“I have never defined myself off one win and I’ll never define myself off one loss ,I simply had a bad night.”
— Eddie Alvarez

Alvarez has lost big fights before and come back from them; he is certainly going to come back from this. The first UFC even in Madison Square Garden likely gave a lot of fighters some butterflies in their stomachs. In many interviews before and after some fighters commented on how this was different, because of what it represented for the future of mixed martial arts and combat sports. The scope may have been a bit much for some but the good news for Alvarez and other fighters that lost on that card is, they can always come back and do it again in New York.

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