‎It may seem like a tragedy, yet I see it more as a day of redemption. The day when I was finally able to redeem myself. The day when I was free to the shackles which shaped me into who I was. The day I was able to forgive myself for who I had become. The day I was able to live my life the way I wanted, with the integrity and ethics I desired.
My Experience in Being in Love with a Gold Digger
Leonard Kim

I just got kicked out of the apartment I shared with someone for four years. I thought I was going to marry her in October, instead I’m living in a horrible studio now trying to find my redemption.

She once called herself my “co-pilot in life”, now she doesn’t even think of me. I am thinking about survival, rebuilding myself and helping the sport I love grow, but I still feel like I am looking for redemption. I know she and I are done, I know I don’t want to chase after someone that does not want me, but I need to redeem myself for wasting six years with her.

I keep asking for a “win”, I don’t know what it is but this story at least lets me know it will come some day.

Thank you Mr. Kim.