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On a recent appearance on Conan, Dana White said that he and recently retired MMA fighter Tito Ortiz did in fact, have a fight on a private plane at one point. The two have a history of not getting along during Ortiz’s time in the UFC and it is one of the many memories MMA fans have of the days when the UFC was still building its brand. The fight seemed to start with some playful horsing around and Ortiz took things a little too far according to White.

If the video above does not play, you can see it here.

Ortiz last fought at Bellator 170, one of Bellator MMA’s highest rated events this year. Both Ortiz and his opponent, Chael Sonnen came under fire about how the fight turned out. White’s interview on Conan mentions how strong a choke hold from Ortiz it should be noted chokes and neck cranks can be damaging enough to make someone familiar with MMA lose his cool.

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