Cute attempt, but it seems a bit naive on how carbon markets work… I didn’t go very deep, here just…
Tim Reutemann

Thanks for the quick response. I’ll reply briefly now and mention that next week we are publishing our white paper.

CarbonX will invest in non-voluntary and voluntary credits with the proceeds of the loyalty program. Credits are also available for example from the CITTS at the WCI. Under the Cap and Trade program being implemented by the Ontario Government there will be 13 project categories eligible for certification. Please check out this link below which also addresses your objection about people and organizations generating credits. Bottom line we will support carbon reduction projects in all shapes and sizes. And keep in my mind this a loyalty program to build awareness of personal carbon consumption — we will educate and reward people for carbon friendly choices but at the retail level we can’t do the calculus of any particular items footprint. We contribute by investing in robust projects.

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