On Apple, the FBI, encryption and why you should be worried
Matthew Keys

These are great points. Beyond the obvious reasons why this is troubling (loss of trust, potential for software to get into the wrong hands, potential government abuse) — there could be real economic consequences if Apple is forced to comply with the FBI demand. Since the NSA scandal emerged in 2013, it’s been more challenging for US tech companies to do business internationally because we face the perception that “all US companies give personal information to the NSA” (even companies that were never approached by or linked to the NSA surveillance program). Tech companies have drastically increased transparency related to security practices since then, and have made a lot of progress in getting public trust back. If the FBI’s demand is upheld — under a 1789 law, no less — it will validate international concerns about doing business with US companies. In a competitive global economy, it’s not a risk we can take.

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