Sharing NMAT Questions on Social Media: 600 Aspirants Warned

NMAT is one of the most reputed MBA Entrance exams in the country, with every year thousands of students appearing for it. Known for being one of the most student-friendly exams, it is the only MBA Entrance exam (apart from MAT), which allows students to appear more than once in same academic year.

So, when some of the NMAT aspirants received a mail (shared below) yesterday, they were caught up in many minds. A lot of them approached Career2NextOrbit team with their concerns and apprehensions, and requested us to help them with clarity about the same.

Some of them were raising questions about the originality of the mail, while others wanted to know whether it is a common mail to all aspirants. Some also wanted to share their concern that just being a part of a Social Media or Whatsapp group should not be criteria for singling them out as most of them are part of many such groups for studying together.

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