Brushing up your resume, scanning job boards, and submitting applications leaves you waiting and hoping. It’s time to take control.

It was a game to him.

Adjust the resume. Click apply. Repeat–a hundred times.

Then wait.

For what, he wasn’t sure.

He knew, in the back of his head, the job application process probably needed more than passive job-board scanning and half-hearted resume uploads.

Maybe he needed to find something better.

But these activities were the only ones he knew in this game.

The more applications he filled out, the more opportunities he’d find.

Or so he’d thought.

Instead, as his resume sank deeper and deeper into more and more stacks, he realized the job hunt isn’t a numbers game…

The story of Average Joe and the bridge he builds to signal his skills to the job-havers.

People commonly agree you need opportunities before you can get experience.

They say if you lack experience, you have fewer chances of launching the career you want.

But they’re wrong.

No one starts with experience. No one.

You need a bridge.

But what good will a bridge do?

I thought you’d never ask.

You may want to sit down for this.

AJ’s Story

Average Joe–AJ for short–wants a job. But AJ has no prior work history. He has a lack of experience. AJ needs money. AJ has bills to pay! And his mom wants him to move out of her basement.

AJ is like most people…

We want to get you a job interview with a great company.

There are more awesome jobs than ever. So much has happened in the world of startups, and even large companies have become more adaptive and flexible.

The tech boom has created opportunities for more than just coders.

There are great roles in marketing, customers service, sales, operations, and more.

The problem is, most people don’t know it.

Most people grow up being offered career choices like, “Doctor”, “Lawyer”, “Astronaut”, “Cowboy”, and “Businessperson” (aka, guy in a black suit with a briefcase). No one knows what kinds of real roles actually exist in real businesses!

Take companies you know and love…

What lets people know you’re someone who could create value for them?

It’s a tough question. They need to know you have some things:

  • Skills relevant to the job to be done
  • Knowledge of the customer, product, and problem
  • Passion for the work
  • Drive and persistence
  • Trustworthiness and character
  • Ability to learn
  • Clear thinking and good communication
  • Excitement about the company or project

Say you have all that. How do you prove it as quickly and clearly as possible?

Nobody can afford to spend months getting to know you. …

People talk shit on Millennials. Call them lazy. Entitled. And a million other names.

But here’s the thing: they have a point.

Our generation was raised in arguably the greatest era of innovation in human history. We experienced the last days of civilization before the internet. We were also there for the birth of some of mankind’s greatest innovations.

We remember a time before smart phones. Before Google search. Before on-demand everything.

We didn’t just watch this enormous shift in the world take place before our very eyes — we participated in it. We helped drive it forward.

These transformations…

His face went ghost white as he stared into the screen. His bank account had just turned in its two week notice. This was crisis mode. He didn’t just need a job. He needed to find a way to survive.

Quick mental math told him he had less than a month before he was dead ass broke. It wasn’t just rent or his student loans he wouldn’t be able to cover. He didn’t know what he’d do for food.

The last thing he wanted to do was call mom and dad. The idea of a credit card crossed his mind…

A lot of people my age and younger feel cheated by the system. Like they got sold a false bill of goods.

Everyone told them, “You gotta get good grades so you can get into a good college.”

So they did. And everyone cheered them on.

They never worried about how they’d pay for it when they fled their parents’ nest. Loans were cheap and the same crowd told them, “There’s no investment as important as your education.”

So they listened. And everyone cheered them on.

Then a few months into college they faced their first major freak out. …

Welcome to CareerCrashers.

We’re here for those who want to launch a career the right way — their own way.

But just because you want to go your own way doesn’t mean you have to go it alone!

We’re creating a community around out of-the-box career journeys. Tools, tips, resources, stories, feedback, and ideas to help you take charge.

There’s a lot of boring, crap advice out there when it comes to creating a career you love.

The truth is, there are only two things that matter:

  1. Your ability to create value for people
  2. Your ability to prove it

So you need to get a few skills, and you need to find a…


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