5 Essential Tips To Become A Successful Freelancer!

Being a freelancer is surely not an easy go, it takes a lot of patience and your skills to be a successful freelancer. Freelancers these days are also being called as solopreneurs, who are a standalone business with only one person who is everything of it.

As a freelancer, you are always your own boss, and no one can question you, but the thing is you have to maintain your dignity as being a boss of your own.

The tips we are going to discuss today are five different and essentials tips that could make you a successful freelancer.

Please note that I have been writing this after doing research on a group of freelancers who have shared their good as well as the bad experiences with me. They told me about the challenges they faced at the initial stages and how they cope with them by time.

You should feel lucky that you are about to know these tips if you’re a beginner as a freelancer.

  • Make A Contract Before You Start On Any Project
  • Don’t Be So Afraid To Say NO
  • Always Be Transparent To Your Clients
  • Keep Track Of Your Work
  • Always Work With A Schedule

So without waiting for a long, we should dive into the details of the matter and start knowing that what actually these tips are all about and what each of them depicts for a freelancer.

1. Make A Contract Before You Start On Any Project

Getting a client is a freelancer’s dream. A freelancer gets a customer of his interest what else is remaining that he needs? This is not all; it sounds good only in theory while the reality is totally opposite to it. There various fatigues while doing freelancing, these are related to agreements and the deliverables.

Multiple time you might have seen freelancers saying that we are fed up of revisions and non-happiness of clients this is because they never sign a contract before starting any project.

It is highly recommended for freelancers to design an open-ended Performa where they can note down the requirements of the clients at the onset of the project and lock them up when the customer is agreed upon it, this way you can avoid any conflicts later.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Say NO

I have witnessed almost all of my friends in their early stages of freelancing, they mutually gone through a trauma and that is of not saying a NO to someone.

They accept orders because they want to earn more in less span of time but what they confront is the late delivery of work to the clients with less quality.

This affects your reputation, credibility and most importantly the relationship with your customer.

Once a client gets dishearten from your work he won’t come back again because there are millions of other freelancers who are offering the same services like yours.

So, try to attain some project management skills and despite accepting the offers and orders deliberately, sometimes try to say NO to the client if you think that you won’t be able to obtain the deliverables on time.

As a famous quotation in project management says: “You Never Lose Projects, You Lose Relations.”

3. Always Be Transparent To Your Clients

Clients are the one which id not easily attainable and achievable; then you should be thankful to god.

Maintaining a good relationship with the client entirely depends upon how transparent you are with them, whether you are doing a game with them by providing pirated materials or else or you are honest by providing them with the original and genuine work.

Ethically it is your professional responsibility to be clear cut with the clients, despite disclosing business secrets you should share each and every bit of the word which they should know.

This way you would not just get even more clients by referrals, but you will have a good word-of-mouth of your services on the web which will increase your sales and popularity, simultaneously!

4. Keep Track Of Your Work

What you received, what you delivered, what return you get in the result of that delivery? All this has to be noted somewhere so that you can keep a track record on your work. This would help you out to maintain the account and the balance sheet.

Additionally, you can analyze your sales and marketing strategy if you are following one. You can identify the loopholes due to which you are not getting orders, and you can track what work was done at what date at what price.

Yes, data is really essential, and the data we are talking about is not just the essential one but highly precious as well.

So if you are willing to be a successful solopreneur and a freelancer you shall make a habit of keep a record of all of your work.

5. Always Work With A Schedule

I have discussed this crucial issue with many of my freelancer friends, almost every one of them was disappointed about that they are not able to spend sufficient time with their friends and family.

Actually, the four points we have discussed earlier are the remedy of this issue, following them will make you able to schedule your work and with the help of it, you can squeeze a chunk of quality time also which can be allocated for your loved ones.

So try making a calendar under which you can schedule your work that when and what to do. You might think that what will be the difference then between a 9 to 5 job and freelancing if at the end you have to schedule the things.

The matter of the fact is, here you are your own boss you can setup your schedule as per your feasibility.


Till this point, I am pretty sure that you must have understood each and every bit of the words discussed above. We dived into the details of five different tips which should be followed by a freelancer if he/ she wanted to become a successful one.

Be informed that all the cases mentioned here weren’t fictional at all, as I said, they all are from real life examples. In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this piece, if you felt that it was a worth reading then don’t just forget to give this article a thumbs up and share it.

Last but not the least, I am thankful to my fellow freelancer friends who allowed me to access their cases for the betterment of other upcoming freelancers. I wish all of you a very best of luck! 🙂

Originally published at www.careermetis.com on May 12, 2017.

Original Author — Muhammad Hasan

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