An Email worth 2,40,000 Indian Rupees

“Never say Never….” To sum up this is what this story is all about!

Due to my ever procrastinating nature, I failed to submit my reimbursement application on time thereby missing the deadline by a little more than a month (Shit!). The Winter holidays started just the day after my post reached the accounts office. So eventually by the time they got the chance to look at my claim, it was over two months.

Quite naturally, I received an email soon after the Winter Holidays were over that “Sorry, we cannot reimburse you”. They were very logical in their e-mail and their reasoning was totally justified. Moreover, they made it clear in their website that any reimbursement received after 15th Nov will not be processed.

And with this denial e-mail, I took a blow of 2,50,000 INR!

However, being an eternal optimist, and a negotiator like Harvey Specter, I could hardly accept this blow. In fact, I did not look at it as a blow rather another wonderful chance to test my negotiation skills.

I wrote them back an email. (Sorry, I can’t post it online) And here is the reply I received today. (Sorry, I can’t post it online)

Lessons learned from this episode are the following:

  1. It costs nothing to write an email back.
  2. When the negotiation is over email, you don’t need to shy back because even if you lose, who cares. At the most, you will receive an e-mail saying “We understand your point but we regret to inform you that we can’t do anything about it”
  3. Writing an email and articulating your point clearly and concisely is an art that should be mastered by everyone in this digital age where important deals, decision-making and in some cases the entire business happens primarily over email.
  4. One thing that MUST be kept in mind while putting in this effort is that — You should not expect anything in return. The moment expectation comes into this negotiation business, you will lose out the inertia and courage of taking initiatives which will change the game altogether. You will start saying yourself “You see, I tried so many times putting in so much of effort, but it doesn’t work for me. I should stop wasting time in writing such e-mails. This is not my game”
  5. Last and most importantly — “When you are writing an email, sometime give it a thought that some of the times an email can be worth a PhD position, a job, or may be like it is the case here a positive reply accepting a reimbursement claim of 2,40,000 Rs roughly equaling 3000 Euros) ”

Moral of the story: You too can be Harvey Specter because he lives inside all of us. What is just needed is to spit it out :-)

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