You Had One Job

During the holiday season I work in the ski lodge at a tree farm. People who are there to get their Christmas tree come to the lodge to buy hot drinks, burgers, fries, and other fast food type things. I mostly work on the cash register. This morning my manager asked me to go to the upstairs dining room and make sure the tables were clean. So I went upstairs and to my shock, the tables, which had supposedly been cleaned after all the customers were gone, were filthy. I literally had to wipe off almost every table and chair. This would have been bearable if not for the fact that one of my coworkers’ only responsibility is to clean tables. That’s all she does. She doesn't deal with the massive line, and she doesn't have to try to understand the orders of people who I suspect may actually have marbles in their mouths. All she does is bring trays back to the kitchen and wipe off tables. But at the end of the night, instead of wiping off the empty tables while the last customers finished their food, she evidently sat there doing nothing. When they left, she proceeded to put the chairs on top of the dirty tables for me to find the next morning. Again, this is essentially her only job.

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