The Atheists Among Us
Kristen Wilson

The Problem of Insecurity

Very well presented read on an issue (among many) we skirt over, specifically in the political ring. I feel this issue stems from the same place most issues regarding the equality/fairness of humanity come from: people are wholly insecure. Taking responsibility for oneself and one’s choices is much more difficult than casting blame, shame, and even praise outside of oneself, or to a deity above. Perhaps for those in government most of all- there’s good reason to be insecure at this time in history. So many suffer at the hands of the American Dream. It’s a complete fantasy, indeed. Everything gained and built, from the very beginning with Columbus, was/is at the expense, way of life, and well-being of SO MANY. It’s a ludicrous way to conduct life, and at humanity’s core I don’t believe most feel truly proud or nourished at their very being in this country. Though the insecure don’t often admit to such things. “Fake it ‘til you make it!”… right? #Congress

History repeats itself; those of all different Religious faith, ways of life, non-believers- they clash and sling mud across idealistic fields, boarders, friendships, laws, etc. People act out this drama of manipulation by way of mouth, behavior, scripture, or force, into a specific “right” way to live (the way they themselves live, of course) because the problem is really that they have manipulated themselves. Or more specifically, they have been taught to manipulate through being manipulated. They must defend their way of being so that they may validate their feelings of contempt… within. It is an unconscious delusion, and its poisonous neuron-roots grow so very deep, infecting all areas of potential growth surrounding it.

And so, the saga continues; history repeating.

It’s horrific to watch (and at times, experience). It transcends Religion; it can happen with any belief system…

The Dodgers are the BEST baseball team!

When you graduate high-school, you HAVE to go to college!

If you’re female, you MUST wear make-up and like the color pink!

We can ONLY gain security if we work hard and participate in a monetary system!

…the list goes on, and on- devouring the potentiality for progress in its path.

If one exists in a place of self-awareness, there is no need to cast out manipulation, because a confident and secure person who respects his or her self does not feel the need to influence others to validate their mode of existence. Such a person may question all action and belief of anything, altogether (so scary). Perhaps he or she might even recognize that behavior towards oneself and others is the single most powerful influence which can be had. And the only time conscious influence is perhaps needed when it comes to a way of thinking or being, is when serious harm is being done.

I see some red flags, America.

The question is, for how much longer are they able to be masked with the white and blue?

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