What I did with Reiki today

I am pretty good about utilizing Reiki energy daily. At least once, usually more. Every once in a while, circumstances throw off my routine and my schedule gets turned upside-down. This week, my dear partner is out of town. So I had two days off from my day job, and a whole lot of unstructured time on my hands.

Since I spent yesterday socializing with friends, I really had to make the most of today. I have a hard time being creative under pressure like that, but that’s where Reiki helps out a lot. Today, I was able to use Reiki to ignite the spark I needed to get my business stuff done. I decided to add an extra blog a week to my website, and got some new content written. I consulted with my graphic designer and got a new ad in the works. I created a new promotion for the end of this week. Before I knew it, half the day was gone.

This is fun. My day job is such a grind, and while the work is noble work, the toll it takes on me is getting harder to bear all the time. (Can you say burnout?) I think the only thing that keeps me going is knowing that two days a week, I can completely lose track of time doing what I love. Even though it’s the actual Reiki sessions that I want to be supporting me financially, I’m truly enjoying the process of getting there. Sure, I’d love to be able to turn in my two weeks’ notice because I’m doing so many distance sessions, I don’t need the other paycheck anymore. But the journey is really fun, too.

Reiki is such a part of that. Self-treatments and Reiki meditations energize me and inspire me and motivate me. If I can just get people to know how fulfilling it is to invite Reiki into your life, I’ll be living my dream.

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