I like to be at the center! Yes I like to be the center. Center, Subject matter, Bone of Contention, Example, Theme, Scape goat, Test, etc.

Whatever it may be called, being at the center and experiencing it is HOW I LEARN BEST.

Growing up, even when I hadn’t realized this was my learning style, “she would always ask “how?” says my dad …”and even when you tell her how, she’ll go on to say “ let me be the candle stick and put the fire on me and see if I melt”

That was me and that still stand true of me today. As much as I learn by doing it, I always to the best of my abilities, have an experience about what it is I’m learning.

The course, What future for Education sets the tone for open mindedness- as open as open can be. When I first saw the topic, I looked forward to a future that hasn’t been explored; an innate future; an individualistic one!

I’m looking forward to this course bridging the gap between what institutions have called the future of education and what learners may call the future.

As a learner, the future for education would be for me, when education really meets individual needs as in Marslow’s hierarchy of motivation.

One should be able to choose exactly what one wants to learn based on individual needs and at one’s pace and order, not based on a certain curriculum. #wfe1

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