Single issue Bernie?

10 hours ago, Jim Newell for Slate opened an article about how Bernie Sanders is pitching to Black voters in South Carolina with:

Sen. Bernie Sanders often speaks about reducing economic inequality and expanding access to health care and public education. It is hard to get him to talk about much else, really.

Though this comment was made slightly tongue in cheek, it’s certainly a message that flies.

This, in no small part, mirrors the very seriously-made criticism by Hillary Clinton that her opponent is a single-issue candidate.

She says this, presumably, to seem more electable.

A few hours after Newell’s Slate article was published, another popped up in the Washington Post after Sanders gave a quick speech in Michigan.

The article said:

During an hour-long speech to a crowd of about 9,400 people at Eastern Michigan University, Sanders touched on issues including health care, immigration, criminal justice, climate change and marijuana policy, among others. All told, we tallied 20 issues – give or take a few, depending on how one counts.

Single issue my foot.

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