Carleen Greenidge Provides 6 Tips for Crafting Marketing Plans

Many business owners spend a great deal of time perfecting their product, only to consider marketing strategies as a mere after-thought. In reality, entrepreneurs should adopt a holistic marketing model, which ensures consistency between your brand image, user interface, key messages, distribution channels, pricing strategy, promotions, and more. At the same time, an effective marketing plan will help you differentiate your products and services from the competition. Ultimately, businesses should be able to identify what makes them unique and which gaps they are filling in the market. According to Carleen Greenidge, the lines between product and marketing become blurred when…

7-Step Guide for a Serial Entrepreneur

Preparing a business plan may be the difference between your startup’s failure and success. According to the Harvard Business Review, entrepreneurs that write formal plans are 16% more likely to achieve viability than their otherwise identical non-planning counterparts. Essentially, the planning process helps entrepreneurs understand what decisions need to be made, what resources are required, and allows them to have more realistic expectations of their venture. Having a well-thought-out plan also provides founders with a better chance of raising capital, as it suggests to investors that they are serious about their business and willing to work hard. Additionally, owners can…

Carleen Greenidge Shares How to Manage Multiple Businesses

The thought of over-seeing multiple businesses may seem overwhelming. If you already own one business, you know how challenging it can be to manage your employees, achieve a work-life balance, and ensure that your company is profitable. Many entrepreneurs wonder if they will have the time, energy, and organizational skills required to run a second business in addition to their core venture. However, managing multiple firms is not as crazy as it sounds. Eventually, owning several companies will increase your odds of financial security, help keep your mind sharp, and allow you to accomplish work that truly matters to you.

Carleen Greenidge

Carleen Greenidge is a successful Logistics Entrepreneur and owner of 7 transportation businesses. Cresco, Pennsylvania.

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