The entrepreneur that strives for success

I found an interest in the technology industry just about the time when the movie based on Mark Zuckerberg came out that inspired me to start up my own start up. I was a business undergrad at the time when I founded InspiredStream Inc. I also became inspired by Warren Buffett who gave me motivation to want to invest. Ever since I was a child I always loved numbers and industrial things automotive wise not to forget I loved computers too. But I had a lot to fall on to which was the family business my grandfather started over 45 years ago that is massive in the construction industry today. But I kept going with my ideas and I never gave up. Still till this day I never give up on what I love doing best because I know that it is possible if you are willing to do what it takes you can make it in this world. I still want to succeed the family business however I do want to build on my founding and make a mark in this world. So here I am five years later learning the trade of computers on my own not to mention I took a few courses relating to computers in business school to do with programs. I learned how to develop in swift and in php. CSS was my favourite because you got to change the behaviour of how your elements looked on your website and buttons too. It’s the scripting language that advertises a person to like what you created, it attracts users to your site which drives traffic. Traffic is where you want to measure because that will give you enough to measure what users are searching for and that’s where you use your specialty in SEO. You want to optimize what people are searching for to be at the top of Google search results organically. Was my first start up. It was focused on a social network I wanted to create for artists showcasing their work. But I wanted to go more in depth with connecting to the things that people like most so i changed the focus from that to offering it for everyone because everyone is an artist. I made it so that even companies can advertise what they want on their profile space. Then I created several apps. My favourite one is isfeed because it’s an aggregator tailored to news topics summarized so that users can read quickly about what’s going on in the world everyday. I’m looking to do what it takes to succeed and I wright passionately about my stories I share. InspiredStream Inc. Is going to grow with hard work and success. I’m looking into investing as part of what the companies future is going to be a part of. Entrepreneurship is key and to be one you have to work hard everyday.