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After spending three years spinning creative communications for the IFRC Innovation and Futures team, the time came to say goodbye. Here’s a narration with my favourite moments with the Red Cross / Red Crescent network and what’s the next chapter in my life.

I joined the IFRC on a short-term internship in the fall of 2016. In 48 hours, I got off a plane for the first time in Europe, got to an office inside an IKEA and listened to John Sweeney’s presentation on post-normal times. …

When you are in your 20s, social pressure and emotional conflicts not only challenge what you thought you knew about the world but also open a spectrum of possibilities to rediscover yourself. A number of questions overwhelmed me, such as what do I want to do with my life? Where do I want to live? What is it that I would really like to work on? What is it that really fascinates me? On top of all these questions, I felt the urge to find a partner, perhaps merely out of fear of being alone. I’m going to tell you why, after downloading three dating apps and studying a seduction guide, I realized that I was doing everything wrong. …


Carlos de la Vega

I'm a design and user research at Northumbria University. Games enthusiast. Taco maker. Passionate traveller.

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