Here comes the most relevant enterprise blockchain and DLT regulation related news occurred in February and March. What a start of the year!

Digital Assets / Securities

Allfunds Blockchain and ConsenSys Partner to Advance Blockchain Technology for the Fund Industry

Israeli digital securities exchange gets preliminary green light from regulators

The First Swiss Companies Have Tokenized Shares

El ‘sandbox financiero’ español se estrena con un total de 67 proyectos candidatos

Digital Currencies / CBDC’s

China and SWIFT Partner to Take Digital Currency Global

Mastercard announces support for crypto on its network

Russian mobile carriers consider smartphone integration for digital ruble

Bank of Korea report calls for new laws…

ioCash now available in Kaleido

We are excited to announce that ioCash is now available on Kaleido’s 3rd party marketplace of enterprise blockchain capabilities. See the ioCash Listing on Kaleido here.

Kaleido’s Blockchain Business Cloud is the industry award-winning SaaS enterprise blockchain platform that provides a turnkey solution to accelerate the entire blockchain journey — from PoCs to live production modern business networks. Kaleido is used by multiple industries for a wide range of use-cases, and it is the perfect platform to set-up and manage the blockchain network on which ioCash is deployed.

ioCash is the world’s first B2B platform that makes it possible to…

We come back with our latest development update , which comes loaded with many updates for ioCash, Khipus, Ourion and more.

KYC transitioning and multi-network in Ourion

As always, the team has been constantly working on updating Ourion -our ioCash demonstrator App- to keep it up to date with most of the latest ioCash capabilities. Now developers and users can test how the functionalities may look like integrated in a consumer-facing app, and have it as a possible reference for integration and UX considerations in their own systems:

  • KYC level transitioning: Ourion users can now upgrade their KYC (Know-Your-Customer) level in order to operate with higher…

Finance is without doubt the industry in which the impact of blockchain technology is being the most deep and far reaching, in what could be the most significant revolution in the sector in the last decades. The problem today is that money -the most vital component in any financial application- does not currently exist on blockchain to feed this applications.

Money is a complex thing. In order to make real money available on blockchain, it needs to preserve the key qualities it has in the current system. To be considered legal tender, it needs to comply with the regulations. To…

Monthly Update

Welcome #buidlers! We are happy to introduce this new series of posts in our blog in which we will be keeping you updated with all the latest key news from the development team every month. And what better way to start this new series than a hot update for the hottest month of the year? Let’s take a look at what was accomplished during the “holidays”.

A new look for our website

It was about time, but we have finally updated our corporate website with a new design and a lot more information. To start this new stage we have decided to commemorate the 50th anniversary…

Summer days are almost over but our technical team has not stopped making progress. In this post we would like to share with you one of our most important recent developments in both the E-Money Token standard and the ioCash core system: the Hold and Fractional Hold functions. They will be the foundations of more important functionalities coming in the second part of the year, so let’s take a good look into them.

* If you would like to read more technical information about the Hold function, you can visit our website for the E-Money Token Standard EIP-2020 (

Carlos IOB

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