Two steps process to have new ideas

How to think new ideas/projects? That’s pretty much what everyone wants to know when they want to develop something new.

I don’t consider myself a creative person, I’m more like a methodical one, therefore, I try to look for methods that helps me to do things (Recently I found in Medium my main source of interesting information to inspire me).

Here is my “How do they do it?” to have new ideas (It doesn’t have to be good ideas, but good enough to, maybe with few changes, become something great).

You don’t have to follow the entire process to come up with an idea. It’s usual that the idea pops into your head while you are working on of the two steps. If that happens, stop right there and develop your idea, but if not, continue with the next step.

The 2 steps process gives you a great perspective to start your next project.

First step — Cloud of Concept Sketch

In this process, I normally start from cero. I mean that you don’t know what you want, o what would be the field where your idea will fit in. Also, at this point you don’t care about “it would be cost effective?, it would sort out some problem?”, and that sort of things. So keeping that in mind, get yourself a peace of paper, and start writing concepts. It has to be just one, maximum 2–3 words per concept. You don’t want to concretise, just words that come up into your mind. This kind of spontaneous concepts are usually things that you care about, or are in the crest of the wave for you in that moment.

For example, if you want to come up with some idea related with health you could write this concepts:
Exercise, balanced diet, vegetables, gym routines, share my activity, challenge each other, be the best, etc.

Write between 10 and 30 words and stop there. Put your paper where you can see it without the need to go looking for it (the kitchen, above the TV or beside the computer are good places to put the cloud concept sketch).

Alright! You finished the Step 1. Now, forget about it, leave the paper where you can see it and do your stuffs, don’t think anymore (for now).

You will give a couple of days to yourself to let you brain work on the idea 
unconsciously. Maybe while you are looking the TV or playing a video game the idea appears clear in mind. For me, this is what happen most of the time, and it’s a great feeling.

Second step — Connections Sketch

So, it’s been a couple of days but nothing rings a bell … Don’t worry, this process, sometimes is spontaneous and sometimes is methodic. The next you have to do is, grab a coupe of coffee, sit in front of your cloud of concept sketch, relax, and start to think about the connections between them. Grab another peace of paper and draw every concept into a circle and distribute them (leave enough space between each other). When you get some connection, draw a line between them and write the connection above the line.

For example, Gym routines and Share my activity, I would write something like Make your own gym routine and share it. Or between Exercise and Be the best I would write Track my running distance and make a ranking with people in my city”.

That’s the idea of the Step 2. It happens a lot that with just one Connections Sketch you come up with more then one idea. If that’s not the case, and still the idea does not appear, it’s time to return to Step 1. Have a look again at your Cloud Concept Sketch and think of concepts that don’t fit in, replace them o just delete them and start again.

Another way is to start again from the beginning. Change your field, and start writing concepts from cero. This is a ciclic process therefore, until the idea is not created maybe you would be repeating 2–3 times the whole process.

This method works for me pretty well, but I think that it works because the kind of person I am. Maybe you find that does not fit you, so, be free to modify and try a different approach, and you will find your own method. I will appreciate if you leave a comment about your own methods!

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