Think I need something. Think I know what.

Sometimes is hard to tell reality from fiction. Memories blends with dreams. Anxious strikes again, and the things that need to be done, vanish in the flutter that my mind creates. There is no enough amount of thoughts that can fill the embroidery being crafted, and suddenly, emptiness. Its hard to fight sometimes, but a lifetime should make you kind of immune to it. However, this days is hard to keep up, it might be cause the pressure coming from all sides. Maybe the epitome that a day mean. Its hard to tell. Its hard to define what happen in my mind. When thoughts fly by, like a flush. Just as always, it is hard to keep on just a thing but i’ve found that being busy on things I like, is the best way to drive thoughts away, far from a busy mind, so I can be less confused, I guess.

Thereby, free time turns painful. Not because a flush in the head is bad, but because you can’t be like that in the society. It’s hard to fit in. Free time carry on with myself, the one I like the most, the one I was time ago, but also carry feels, silent screams, sobs, inner rage. Yet is good to have this from time to time, finding balance seems like the right thing. Happiness lies there, maybe. I think i’ve been there, or maybe it was just a dream.