— ► Subscribe to My Channel Here https://bit.ly/CarlosGilYouTube — With over 200,000 subscribers, Robert Blake is one of the leading experts on YouTube featuring daily how to videos related to marketing, entrepreneurship, creative design, and tech. On this episode of Real Talk, Roberto and I had a chance to link up in Los Angeles for Summit Live and chat about all thing’s YouTube including tools for creators, a rant on “borrowing vs. stealing” from others, tips for up and coming YouTubers, and inspiration from Casey Neistat and Gary Vaynerchuk. About Carlos Gil: Carlos Gil is an award-winning Snapchat Storyteller, Marketing Executive, Social Media Strategist and Keynote Speaker. Carlos’ work has been featured by or seen in, CNNMoney, Mashable, Inc. Magazine, Social Media Examiner and he is a recurring speaker at industry events such as SXSW and Social Media Marketing World. Subscribe to my VIP Newsletter here: http://bit.ly/CarlosVIP Connect with Carlos: http://ift.tt/2eIDEAp http://ift.tt/1jC56eb http://ift.tt/2eIE1ek http://ift.tt/2dFWlam http://CarlosGil.biz Keywords: Real talk, Real talk with Carlos Gil, Roberto blake, youtube help with Roberto blake, Roberto blake youtube strategy, create awesome Roberto blake, Roberto blake keynote speaker, Roberto blake how to grow youtube channel, 10 ways to make passive income online Roberto blake, how to grow a small youtube channel Roberto blake, how to get more youtube subscribers Roberto blake, how to get more youtube views Roberto blake

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