The is the Hustle Diaries Pt. 3. Subscribe on YouTube at for new episodes! The first 0 to 40% of your professional journey is the foundation where you gain experience and fail along the way but you will learn and knowledge is what will mold to be the person you will eventually become. From 40 to 90% you will continue to grow and evolve and achieve amazing levels of success provided that you network, learn from others who’ve walked the path before you, learn from your mistakes, and drive results for those who pay your bills. However, going from 90 to 100% of your peer group or industry is the hardest level to obtain because it’s nothing here comes easy — you have to put in the overtime to your 9 to 5 whatever that looks like. About Carlos Gil: Carlos Gil is a Marketing Executive, Businessman, Entrepreneur, Writer and Public Speaker. With over a decade of experience. Carlos has led social media strategy for notable brands including LinkedIn, BMC Software, Winn-Dixie, and Save-A-Lot. He has been featured by CNNMoney, Harvard Business Review, Inc. Magazine, Mashable, and Social Media Examiner. Carlos is also a prominent speaker at industry events such as SXSW and Social Media Marketing World. Register for Social Media Marketing World 2017: Connect with Carlos on Social Media: Visit My Website: Keywords: Hustle diaries, the hustle diaries, working hard, carlos gil, do work, business tips, Herschel supply, Nasdaq entrepreneurial center, keys to success, the hustle never stops, mission district san Francisco, real talk,

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