Nothing Happens Overnight

Thank you for being on this epic ride with me.

Between announcing my move to Los Angeles, leaving my corporate job, and traveling to Peru to deliver a keynote on the future of social media, the last two weeks have been eventful.

Now, after well over 100+ speaking events, it gives me great pride to announce that I am now officially talent represented by Premiere Speakers Bureau.

The journey from becoming comfortable speaking in front of an audience of a dozen, to speaking for free at small events in my community to the large industry events, and finally to paid keynotes in front of 1,000’s that have taken me to more than 7 countries this year alone, is a testament to years of hard work and believing in myself. It’s also a reminder that nothing comes easy and nothing happens overnight.

This has been years in the making (since 2009) and involved numerous sacrifices such as time away from family, sleeping on planes, and in many cases working for free to do what I’m passionate about which is teaching others.

If you would like to book me to speak at your upcoming conference or event in 2018, please visit or click here to contact me.


Carlos Gil

P.S. — If you’re interested in working together (i.e. corporate training, event keynotes, or social media strategy) or if you’re in the Los Angeles area and would like to meet up in person, email me at